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Events of the New England Chapters generally consist of tours, conferences and meetings. Tours are typically held in the Spring and Fall and may include a short lecture, followed by a guided tour of a site or sites pertaining to IA in the New England region.

Each winter in February or March the NNEC-SIA and SNEC-SIA hold a joint New England Industrial Archeology Conference consisting of a day-long series of presentations, often of widely varying topics. Conferences are held in the Northern Region during even years, and in the Southern Region during odd years.

Membership in either Chapter enables attendance of any local-level New England IA event of the NNEC or SNEC. Each chapter may hold periodic business meetings in order to conduct elections of officers and attend to other needs of the chapter.

Do you have an idea for an event? If so, please contact the NNEC or SNEC


    Upcoming Events:  
  Jun 29 SNEC-SIA Tour, Saugus Iron Works, Saugus, MA  

*Note: National SIA and other events are operated independently of the NNEC or SNEC and are listed here for convenience only.

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Past Events:
  Mar 16 35th Annual New England IA Conference, Concord, NH  
  Apr 18 SNEC-SIA Spring Tour, Henry Perkins Foundry, Bridgewater, MA  
  Feb 3 SNEC-SIA Factory Tour, Buccacio Sculpture Services, Canton, MA  
  Apr 22 34th Annual New England IA Conference, Lawrence, MA  
  Jun 2 NNEC-SIA Spring Tour - Portsmouth Naval Shipyard  
  Jul 18 SNEC-SIA Tour Old Schwamb Mill, Arlington, MA  
  Oct 21 SNEC Fall Tour and Annual Meeting, Waltham, MA  
  Mar 12 33rd Annual New England IA Conference, Concord, NH  
  Jun 4 NNEC-SIA Spring Tour - Wakefield, NH  
  Oct 14 NNEC-SIA Fall Tour - Portland, ME  
  Dec 3 SNEC-SIA Annual Meeting (via Zoom)  
  Oct 16 NNEC-SIA Fall Tour - Campton, NH  
  Mar 14 33rd Annual New Engand IA Conference, Plymouth, NH - CANCELLED  
  Mar 30 32nd Annual New England IA Conference, Clark University, Worcester, MA  
  Apr 20 SNEC-SIA Spring Tour - Whitinsville, MA & Blackstone Canal  
  May 17 NNEC-SIA Spring Tour - Brattleboro, VT  
  May 18 SNEC-SIA Tour of Hopedale and Uxbridge, Mass.  
  June 22 SNEC-SIA Mill counting house and warehouse recording - Amesbury, MA  
  Oct 18 NNEC-SIA Fall Tour - Springfield, VT  
  Nov 4 SNEC-SIA Tour - Electric Time Company, Medfied, MA  
  Nov 8 SNEC-SIA Tour - S&D Spinning, Millbury, MA  
  Mar 3 31st Annual New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH, hosted by NNEC-SIA  
  June 8 NNEC Spring Tour - Vermont  
  Oct 13 NNEC Fall Tour - Champlain Canal - Upper New York - click here for flyer  
  Nov 3 SNEC Fall Tour - Lawrence, MA - click here for flyer  
  Nov 29 Peggie Lawton Cookie Factory - East Walpole, MA  
  Mar 4 30th Annual New England IA Conference, Clark University, Worcester, MA  
  May 13 NNEC-SIA Tour - Hebert Foundry, Belknap Mill, Fay's Marine, Laconia, NH  
  May 20 SNEC-SIA Tour - Quincy Quarries & Lyons Turning Mill, Quincy, MA  
  Oct 13 NNEC-SIA Tour - Franklin and Bristol, NH  
  Dec 2 SNEC-SIA tour of Limestone Quarries & Lime Kiln, Moses Wilder Blacksmith Shop, Bolton, MA  
Mar 5 29th Annual New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH, hosted by NNEC-SIA  
May 14 SNEC-SIA tour of Northwest Connecticut Iron Works Region  
May 21 NNEC-SIA tour of Hillsborough and Contoocook, NH  
  Aug 13 SNEC-SIA bicycle tour of Waban Arches and Sudbury Aqueduct, Wellesley, MA  
  Sep 10 SNEC-SIA tour of Amesbury, MA  
  Oct 27 NNEC-SIA Fall Tour - D.D. Bean & Son match factory Jaffrey, NH and Monadnock Paper Mills, Bennington, NH  
  Mar 7 28th Annual New England IA Conference, Holden, MA
  Apr 15 SNEC Tour - FM Global and Chepachet Village Middle Privilege Site, Rhode Island  
June 20 NNEC Spring Tour - White River Junction, Vermont area  
    Part 1 The White River Falls on the Connecticut River, Olcott, and Wilder  
    Part 2 The Opening of the Railroads and the Creation of White River Junction  
    Part 3 The Woodstock Railway, Dewey’s Mills, and Quechee  
Sept 26 SNEC Tour of Mill River Valley - Williamsburg & Leeds, MA
  Oct 17 SNEC Annual Meeting - N. E. Steam & Wireless Museum - East Greenwich, RI  
  Oct 30 NNEC Fall Tour - Nashua, NH  
March 1 27th Annual New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH
April 11 SNEC Tour - Joseph Abboud Manufacturing, New Bedford, MA
May 3 Joint NNEC/SNEC Tour - Middlesex Canal, North Billerica to Woburn, MA
  May 15-18 43rd SIA National Conference, Portland, ME  
June 21 SNEC Tour - M.M. Rhodes & Sons, Inc., Taunton, MA
June 27

SNEC Tour - MWRA Sewage Treatment Plant, Deer Island, Boston, MA

  Sept 12 SNEC Tour - Stony Creek Quarry, Branford, CT  
  Oct 25 NNEC-SIA Fall Tour, Windsor, VT  
  Nov 1 SNEC-SIA Fall Tour and Annual Business Meeting & Walking Tour , Attleboro, MA
  February 23 26th New England IA Conference, Clark University, Worcester, MA  
  May 5 NNEC Tour - Scytheville Factory Village, Ice House Museum, Springfield Power,
    New London, NH  
  May 18 SNEC Tour - Walking tour of Quequechan River Mills, Fall River, MA
  August NNEC Tour - Snowville Sleigh Factory, Eaton, NH & Redstone Quarries, Conway, NH  
  October 19 SNEC Tour - Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. / New Britain Industrial Museum, CT  
February 25
25th New England IA Conference, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH  
March 31 SNEC Tour and Talk - Old Colony Historical Society, Taunton, MA  
  May 19 NNEC Tour - Claremont, NH  
  August 18 SNEC Tour - Ames Shovel Works, Walking Tour (with VAF) North Easton, MA
  October 27 NNEC Tour - Bellows Falls, VT and North Walpole, NH  
  March 5 24th New England IA Conference – Clark University, Worcester, MA  
  May 21 NNEC Tour - Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad & Museum, Portland, ME
  Oct. 13-16 SIA Fall Tour, Quabaug Valley Massachusetts & Connecticut  
  October 29 NNEC Tour - Manchester Millyard, NH  
  October 30 SNEC Tour – Waterworks Museum, Boston, MA
  February 27 23rd New England IA Conference – Plymouth, NH  
  April 24 SNEC Tour – Steven Linen Mill, Dudley, MA
  May 22 NNEC Tour - Franklin, NH mills, Laconia Car Company, Aiken machines
  Sep. 16-19 SIA Fall Tour, Vermont  
  October 30 SNEC Tour – Industrial Heritage Museum, Greenfield, MA, Gardner Falls  
    Hydroelectric, Conway, MA  

  February 21 22nd New England IA Conference – Clark University, Worcester, MA  
  June 6 NNEC Tour - Kearsarge peg mill, Bartlett, NH., lost sawmill town of Livermore. NH
Sep. 17 SNEC Tour – Fletcher Granite, Westford, MA
  February 16 SNEC Annual Meeting and tour – Lawrence, MA  
  February 23 21st New England IA Conference - Plymouth, NH  
  May 17 NNEC Tour - Cumberland and Oxford canal. Sebago Lake to Portland, ME,  
    ruins of the Oriental Powder Mill Complex, alongside the canal  
  May 17 SNEC Tour - Dodd Research Center, Storrs, CT, Gurleyville Grist Mill, and
    Mansville Hollow Dam, Mansfield, CT  
  October 17 NNEC Tour - Slate Valley Museum, Granville, NY, Greenstone slate
    quarry Poultney, VT  
  October 25 SNEC Tour – Various sites, Clinton, MA  
  February 24 20th New England IA Conference – Clark University, Worcester, MA  
  Spring NNEC Tour - Flying Yankee & Clarks Trading Post locomotives, old pulp & paper mill,
    Matson hardwood kiln, Woodstock lumber company ruins. Lincoln, NH  
  October 15 NNEC Tour - Frye's measure mill, 1810 granite bridge, boxed pony truss bridge,  
    Wilton, NH. - Lost village of Monson. Milford and Hollis, NH  
  November SNEC Tour - Harvard Business School Baker Library  
  February 18 19th New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  May 6 SNEC Tour – Hydroelectric Facility, Ayer, MA  
July NNEC Tour - Lake Champlain Maritime museum, 1894 pump house, Monkon Iron  
Works, Vergennes Iron Company. Basin Harbor and Vergennes, VT.  
  August 19 SNEC Tour - Mystic Seaport, CT  
  October 14 SNEC Tour and Annual Meeting - Cpt. Wilbur Kelly House Museum, Lincoln, RI  
  October 28 NNEC Tour - Vermont Plywood, Rochester - Vermont verde stone quarry, Hancock
  February 19 18th New England IA Conference – Higgins Armory, Worcester, MA  
  April 15 SNEC Tour - Chelsea Clock Company, Tobin Bridge, old Naval Hospital Grounds,
    Chelsea, MA
  May 14 SNEC Tour - Old New-Gate Prison, East Granby, CT and the
    Noble & Cooley drum factory, western MA
  July 25 NNEC Tour - Franconia Iron Furnace. Franconia, NH
  September 24 SNEC Tour & Annual meeting - Hopsin-Chapin Factory, Customhouse,
    Union Station, Fort Trumbull, New London, CT
  October 15 NNEC Tour & Annual meeting- American Precision Museum, Cornish-Windsor
    covered bridge, Simon-Pierce glass factory. Windsor, VT.
  October 22 SNEC Tour – Automobile and aircraft collection of the Collins Foundation, Stow, MA  
  February 14 17th New England IA Conference – Plymouth, NH  
  June 10-13 33rd SIA National Conference, Providence, RI  
  September 26 SNEC Annual Meeting – Saugus Iron Works, Saugus, MA  
  October 8 SNEC Tour – Hope Global Textiles / Grants Mill, Cumberland, RI
  October 9 NNEC Tour - Goss sawmill, Iron Pratt truss bridges, power canal remains, Merrimack
    Log Homes, Hopkinton hydropower dam. Henniker, NH.  
  February 22 SNEC Tour - Thrall Hall, East Windsor, CT and Berlin Steel Company, Berlin, CT  
  March 22 16th New England IA Conference – Stonehill College, Easton, MA  
  May 10 NNEC Tour - Sarah Mildred Long bridge, Great Works, timber boxed pony truss
    bridge, pink granite quarry.. Kittery, Berwicks, Me. Rollinsford, NH  

SNEC Tour – Cranston Print Works, Webster, MA

  October 11 NNEC Tour - Bennington museum, Bennington Potters, Bennington monument  
  October 18 Champlain Canal tour, Kingsbury, NY
  February 2 15th New England IA Conference – Plymouth, NH
  May 24 SNEC Tour - LeBaron Foundry, Brockton, MA
  Spring NNEC Tour - Newport Historic District. Newport, NH
  June 1 SNEC Tour - Genuine Forgery, Hanover, MA
  November 2 NNEC Tour - Dolez waterpowered mill. Hancock, NH. Historic Harrisville, NH
  December SNEC Tour - Stiles and Hart Brickworks, Bridgewater, MA
  February 3 14th New England IA Conference, Central CT State U., New Britain, CT  
  March 16 SNEC Tour – Charles Street Jail, Boston, with other local organizations  
  May 12 McGoldrick Paper Company. Hinsdale, NH, Paper Service Limited. Ashuelot, NH  
  May 18 SNEC Tour - Quincy Quarries, MA  
  June 2 SNEC Tour - Osram Sylvania, Samuel Slater Boat ride, Central Falls, RI  
  June 22 SNEC Tour - L.S. Starrett, Athol, MA  
  Sept. 29 NNEC Tour - Carving studio and Sculpture Center. Rutland and Vermont Marble  
    exhibit. Proctor, VT  
  October 20 SNEC Tour – Deerfield Hydro #4, Shelburne, MA and  
    Harriman Development, Whitingham, VT  
  Nov. 3 SNEC Tour and Annual Meeting - Hudson-Chester and Chester Granite quarries,
    Becket, Blanford and Chester, MA  
  January 20 SNEC Tour - Belcher Malleable Iron Foundry, Easton, MA  
  February 5 13th New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  May 30 SNEC Tour - Washington Abrasives, Wyman-Gordon, Grafton, MA  
  Spring NNEC Tour - Pembroke Iron Works, Sardine museum, Rays Mustard Mill,  
    Campobello Island. Pembroke & Easport, ME. Campobello Island, N.B. Canada  
  September 16 NNEC Tour - Portland Company, Portland Observatory and Harbor Mus. Portland, ME  
  September 19 SNEC Tour - Tremont Nail (Wareham. MA) and Independent Nail (Taunton, MA)  
  October 7 SNEC Tour and Annual Meeting - Yankee Steam-up, New England Wireless  
    and Steam Museum, East Greenwich, RI  

February 6 12th New England IA Conference, Slater Mill Museum, Pawtucket, RI
  May 15 NNEC Tour - Enfield Shaker Village, Enfield, NH. B&M Roundhouse. Lebanon, NH  
  Amoskeag Company locomotive. White River Junction, VT  
  July 13 SNEC Tour - Big Dig, Boston, MA  
  September 18 SNEC Tour - Flat Ledge Quarry, Johnson's Quarry, Rockport, MA  
  November 6 NNEC Tour - Northern Forest Heritage Park, St. Anne church and Holy  
    Resurrection Orthodox Church, Berlin, NH  
November 16 SNEC Tour - New England Ropes, Fall River, MA
  February 7 11th New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  May 9 NNEC Tour - Canterbury Village, NH and Loudon, NH  
  Sept. 30- Oct. 4 SIA Fall Tour - Hartford, CT - Springfield, MA  
October 24 NNEC Tour - Palermo Mine - mica and beryllium, Rumney, NH
  October 31 SNEC Tour - Henry Perkins Foundry, Bridgewater Iron Works site, Bridgewater, MA
November 21 NNEC Tour - Bath City Hall, Stinson Sardine Cannery, Bath Iron Works, ME
  February 8 10th New England IA Conference, Boott Mills Museum, Lowell, MA  
  May 17 NNEC Tour - Belknap Mill, Starr Specialty Knitting, Wood turning mill. Laconia, NH  
September 27 NNEC Tour - Granite shed, Gary Sassi's Sculpting studio, Jones Brothers granite
    plant, Rock of Ages quarry, Hope Cemetery. Barre, VT  
  November 15 SNEC Tour - Riverdale Mills, Northbridge, MA  
  February 10 9th New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  April 27 SNEC Tour - Fireproof construction tour (Custom House, Old City hall, Customhouse  
    tower), Boston, MA  
  May 4 SNEC Tour - George Peabody House Center, Larrabee & Hingston Co., Peabody, MA  
  May 11-12 NNEC Recording Project - Saratoga Graphite Products, mine and mill, Wilton, NY  
  October 5 SNEC Tour - C.B. Fisk, Inc. (pipe organs), Gloucester, MA  
October 12 NNEC Tour - Canterbury Shaker Village. Canterbury,NH
  October 26-27 NNEC Recording Project - Saratoga Graphite Products, (follow-up visit)  
  March 11 8th New England IA Conference, Boston Naval Shipyard, Charlestown, MA  
  May 6 NNEC Tour - Scheyd-Yeaton-Kayes Up & Down sawmill, Horse drawn carriages,  
    wagons, and the town ice cooled hearse. Washington, NH  
October 21 NNEC Tour - Strawberry Banke, Memorial Bridge, Tugboat engine room,
    Portsmouth, NH. New England Modular Homes, Greenland, NH  
  October 21 SNEC Tour - Mystic River Foundry, CT  
  February 5 7th New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  March 26 SNEC Tour - Dillon Boiler, Fitchburg, MA  
  May 14-15 SNEC Recording Project - Klondike Mine, Richmond, MA  
  May 28 NNEC Tour - Amoskeag hydro station, Ekdahl's engine shop,  
    millyard area, Manchester, NH  
  June SNEC Tour - Byfield Snuff Mill, Newbury, MA  
  Sept. 9-11 NNEC Recording Project - Franconia Iron Furnace, NH  
  October 1 SNEC Tour - General Electric River Works, Heritage State Park, Lynn, MA  
October 15 NNEC Tour - Cog Railway car shop, Railway ride to summit. Mt. Washington, NH
  December SNEC Recording Project - Revere Sugar Refinery, Charlestown, MA  
  February 6 6th New England IA Conference, Boott Mills Museum, Lowell, MA  
  May NNEC Tour - Dorr Woolen Mill, old mill sites, railroad station. Newport, NH  
  May 21-23 SNEC Recording Project - Richmond Furnace  
  July 30-31 SNEC Recording Project - Richmond Furnace (follow-up visit)  
Fall NNEC Tour - Sheldon Museum, Middlebury, VT
  October 1-3 SIA Fall Tour - Concord, NH  
  February 1 5th New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  May 23-24 NNEC Recording Project - Canterbury 1905 Pump Mil, Canterbury, NH  
  Spring SNEC Tour - Southeast Light, Block Island, RI  
  Spring NNEC Tour - Schiller Power Station, York & Portsmouth tour, ME & NH  
  September SNEC Tour - Climatic Chambers, Natick, MA  
September 26 NNEC Tour - Page Belting, NH Historic Society Stone Warehouse. Concord, NH
  October 31 SNEC Tour - Halloween rail trail bike ride - Somerville to Bedford, MA  
  December 5 SNEC Tour - Springfield Armory, Indian Motorcycle Museum, Springfield, MA  
  February 9 4th New England IA Conference, Wannalancit Mill, Lowell, MA  
  May 4 NNEC Tour - Old mill sites, elliptical bridge. Livermore Falls pulp mill. Plymouth, NH.  
  and Ashland grist mill. Ashland, NH  
  Spring SNEC Tour - Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, MA  
  May 25-27 NNEC Recording Project - Pittsford Iron Furnace, VT
  October 19 SNEC Tour - Eagle Cheese Factory, North Colebrook, CT  
October 26 NNEC Tour - Belknap Mill, Laconia canals. Laconia, NH
  November 9 SNEC Tour - Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Essex, MA and Walking tour
    of Gloucester, MA
  February 3 3rd New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  May 19 NNEC Tour - Coppermining and smelting. Fairlee, VT  
  June 9 SNEC Tour - Falocone Piano Company, Haverhill Historical Society, Haverhill, MA  
  September 22 NNEC Tour - Factory Square dam sites, murals at Union Meeting Hse. Redfield, ME  
December 1 SNEC Tour - Watertown Arsenal, Waltham Watch Company, Waltham, MA

  February 4 2nd New England IA Conference, Sturbridge, MA  
  May 26-29 NNEC Recording Project - Forestdale Ironworks, Brandon, VT  
  June 17 SNEC Tour - Power canals, Heritage State Park, Holyoke, MA  
  October 21 SNEC Tour - Distrigas LNG, Everett, MA and Whittmore-Wright Company, Charlestown, MA  
  November 11 NNEC Tour - Hussey seating. North Berwick, ME  
  February 6 1st New England IA Conference, Plymouth, NH  
  June 18 SNEC Tour - Crocker, Burbank & Co. (paper), Fitchburg Historical Society,  
    walking tour, Fitchburg, MA  
  Spring NNEC Tour - Saugus and Lowell, MA  
  Fall NNEC Tour - Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Kittery, ME  
  Nov. 6 SNEC Tour - Boston Hose and Rubber Works, tour of tugs Venus  
    and Luna, Cambridge, MA  
  January 17 SNEC Tour - American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA  
  February 14 NNEC Tour - Yankee Typesetters, Concord, NH  
  February 28 SNEC Tour - Deer Island, Boston, MA  
  March 21 SNEC Tour - Chain Forge (Building 105), bridges, Computer Mus., Charlestown, MA  
  May 9 Joint NNEC/SNEC meeting - Deerfield Hydro #4, Shelburne Falls and  
    Bear Swamp Pumped Storage, Rowe, MA  
Sept. 26 NNEC Tour - Various Sites, Bellows Falls, VT and North Walpole, NH
Nov. 7 SNEC Tour - Old Schwamb Mill, Arlington, MA
  May 17 NNEC / SNEC Joint meeting at Strawberry Banke, Atlantic  
    heights housing, Harbor tour. Portsmouth, NH  
  Oct. 2-5 SIA Fall Tour, New England Coast, Mystic, CT  
Nov. 15 NNEC Tour - Joy Manufacturing, CPM papermill, hydroelectic facilities. Claremont, NH
  Nov. 22 SNEC Tour - Dedham Community House, Barrows-Cochrane Mill, Dedham, MA  
  Spring NNEC Tour - Slate mills, workers housing, abandoned Eagle Mine. Poultney, VT  
  June 8 SNEC Tour - Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford, MA  
  October 27 NNEC Recording Project - Sewall's Falls Hydroelectric Facility, Concord, NH  
November 9 SNEC Tour - Rockville, CT
  Jun 14-17 13th SIA National Conference, Boston, MA  
October 10 Joint NNEC/SNEC meeting - Old Sturbridge Village. Sturbridge, MA
  April 23 SNEC Tour - Spaulding Grist Mill, Townsend, MA  
  Spring NNEC Tour - Charcoal kilns. VT  
Fall NNEC/SNEC Joint meeting - Page Belting. Concord, NH
  Nov. 12 SNEC Tour - Great Stone Dam Hydro Plant, South Canal Gate House,  
  H&P Spool & Bobbin Co., Lawrence, MA
April 24 SNEC Tour - Navy Yard Building 104, Charlestown, MA
  May 22 NNEC Tour - Ben's Mill. Barnet, VT  
  July 24-25 NNEC Recording Project - Concord Gasholder, Concord, NH  
  Sept. 23-25 SIA Fall Tour, Maine Coast  
  October 30 NNEC Tour - Frye's Measure Mill. Wilton, NH  
  Nov. 13 SNEC Tour - Ledyard Grain Hall, Ledyard, and BF Clyde Cider Mill, Stonington, CT  
  April 4-5 SNEC Recording Project - Lawton Mill, Exeter, RI  
  April 11 SNEC Tour - Holyoke, MA  
  May 7-10 10th SIA National Conference, Hartford, CT  
  May 16 NNEC Tour - Harrisville, NH  
  October 24 SNEC Recording Project - Byfield Snuff Mill, Newbury, MA  
  Nov. 7 SNEC Tour - Waltham, MA  
  May 3 SNEC Tour - Old Town Hall, Gurleyville Grist Mill (wheelpit recorded), Mansfield, CT  
July, 11-13 SNEC Tour - Various sites, Central Vermont (Bethel area)
July 26 NNEC Organizational meeting, Concord gashouse, Concord, NH
October 25
NNEC Tour - Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH
Nov. 1
SNEC Tour - Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI
Nov. 10 SNEC Annual meeting, Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA
Oct. 29-30 SIA Fall Tour - Rhode Island
Fall SIA Fall Tour - Martha's Vineyard, MA
October 3 SNEC Organizational meeting, Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI
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